Assignment Five Contextual Studies

Assessment edit, contextual studies Assignment Five – Final draft



15 thoughts on “Assignment Five Contextual Studies

  1. I found it extremely useful reading through your document, and may even quote you. Lacan’s Real and Barthes’ Punctum seem to be have a relationship of sorts – when something is triggered outside, or beyond language. (I must find out more about Micheal Fried – it is not a common name nowadays and was my family’s name before my father changed it to Field for the stage -I think there must have been a few of us back in the ‘old country’ though.) The loss of your family photographic archive is a painful thing to live with – recalling your father’s actions and trying to understand. A family archive is invested with so much, and infuriating to see it decimated. Incidentally, there is a good article on nostalgia in last week’s New Scientist which I meant to mention to you, should you be interested. What comes next?

    • Thanks Sarah-Jane. Time will start to become a little easier after this weekend, so send the article please. As for next? I’m interested in continuing the study and am actively looking at an MA, lot of water to run first though. Thanks for popping by.

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