The Wooden Box

Here’s a short video – with sound of the wooden box:

When I gave the drawings to the carpenter it was an act of faith, would he produce what I had in mind – how I had envisaged it? Or would it be something else. He called after two weeks to say that he had a few problems to do with the joints and could he modify it to firstly make it more easily but also ensuring the finished box would appear better. Well he’s the carpenter so, after we discussed it a while, I agreed to his suggestions.

Needless to say I became nervous as to the outcome before I met with him to take possession. I knew I have plenty of time to rework or to abandon the idea before assessment in July, but the more I thought about a ‘box’ to put him in, a container for my memory’s of him the more I thought it appropriate to house him inside a wooden box.

I am pleased with the outcome, the carpenter had made another decision in the making which he hadn’t told me about, but which I think will add to the experience.

I’m confident of the this part of the presentation, but I am wondering about the artefacts – should I include them or not? Including them brings a burden or presentation to the team for assessment which might go down so well. Things to think about. I’m looking forward to comments on how the video looks and will update after.



4 thoughts on “The Wooden Box

  1. Will your photos be part of the submission? They are quite powerful in transmitting your searching for a way to get to see what is inside – will i ever find him. great clip.

    • I wasn’t planning to incorporate the stills as part of the submission, rather I thought – as I think you allude – that the ‘closeness’ of the box will perhaps be slightly more alluring for the assessors, a tempting proposition… I can but hope 😉
      Thanks Anna

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