Thoughts on presentation


In her commentary on my final assignment for BoW Wendy, my tutor, suggested I reflect on the presentation modes I have used and am thinking of. When I completed Assignment Five I presented the edit in a cardboard box that I half covered in brown paper and utilised ribbons to lift the work and present it to the viewer. And it was in this boxed form that I took the next edit to the Family Ties Event at the Glasgow School of Art presentation and whilst I provided some thoughts on presentation in my accompanying note for Assignment Five, it was suggested that I make it more explicit.

The image above (and below) show the envelopes that I produced as part of the FTN event, they were to accompany the full edit in the cardboard box. I decided to adopt this strategy as I wasn’t sure of the space or environs at the event. I had five envelopes, each labelled with an Episode number; 1 through 5. Viewers to my work engaged in both the box of prints and the envelopes – I was concerned at one stage whether they were focussing on the envelopes only! I had selected sub-edits, that I termed episodic narratives and included a set format of prints, texts and artefacts into each envelope.

Whilst there is no specific temporal narrative in the work as a whole, viewers seemed keen to develop one in the order 1 to 5, which I found interesting; Wendy noted how it emphasised the mutability of memory, which is a theme of my work and my dissertation. However I will settle on a box for the assessment and I am working with someone, who has greater carpentry skills than I, to design and make a box intended to present the images to their best advantage.



The envelopes worked, but not as I had expected and it was a useful exercise in presentation.


Post assignment tutor review


I don’t think I could be more pleased with the feedback I have received for my final assignment in this course.

The clear advice I have received I have considered and implemented, and the resultant work has a much stronger sense of personal voice. The changes I have made to the edit based on the various feedbacks I have received, from the Glasgow FTN event at the Glasgow School of Art, various requests from the network I am continuing to build and those from the first assignment of Sustaining your Practice, have all helped to develop the work and make it stronger.

I will write up separately the thoughts and investigations in to the form of presentation that I have considered and employed so far. I have several things to do as the course comes to a conclusion, one of which is to provide my reflection on the work and the feedback session. Wendy’s notes are here:

John Umney –Feedback: Assignment 5 – Body of Work

SKYPE feedback – Monday 7th December (1 hour)

Many thanks for your submission for Assignment 5 for Body of Work, which took the form of: a hard copy edit of your project, written notes and an evaluation/summary of the work to date.

Your project for BOW has significantly developed since your last submission and in my opinion this submission is of a very high quality.

In summation you have:

  1. Provided a clear and comprehensive evaluation on the project as it stands.
  1. Submitted a proposed final edit of your project (for the purpose of this course), which works well. *
  1. Provided a clear route map for the way forward and development of this project as you transit into your next course (Sustaining Your Practice).

* Most notable in this edit is the way in which you have developed the content and position of text within your project. I think that your final chosen texts (first person and confessional in tone) work well and are much more effective that previously used strategies (i.e. using quotes on father and son relationships from fiction).

As discussed in out feedback session, I would recommend that you:

  1. Finalize the edit by re-arranging one or two of the images (a minor edit) as discussed.
  1. Consider using the title ‘Legacy’ (with your existing title remaining but perhaps becoming a sub-title) for this project and as an over-arching title to embrace an area of research that will span several projects (to be further articulated as part of Sustaining Your Practice.
  1. Rewrite your project summary to include a description of Legacy as part of a wider, ongoing series of projects. This will allow you to set the stage for the development of your work in your next course.
  1. Provide a short couple of paragraphs on modes of presentation employed to present this work and explain why you have selected the box form in particular.