more evidence

Collecting evidence. There isn’t a lot more, but I wanted to start to build technique on depth of focus and posing. Colour temperature is still an issue, but not insurmountable, i may have to wait for a completely cloudless day as I’m using daylight at present. I could use a soft box source which would make it much easier, but I’m unsure and I’m not sure why I’m unsure. Perhaps something to do with truth.



8 thoughts on “more evidence

    • My thoughts are that I will reproduce them either at life size or maybe slightly smaller. However I want to make the images as accurate and as detailed as possible. I want to do a proper job on them – otherwise it won’t fit with the context of the project, slapdash won’t work at all. Someway to go yet!

  1. Erm .. not sure; just ‘the past’, given the sense that these are ‘relics’. Makes me think of the ‘Saxon Hoard’ or some such – bit like those old helmets. But .. given the context, maybe your past? You wanted bring his voice into the work!

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