Project defined

An exchange of emails with Sharon has confirmed the direction for the remainder of the BoW. My idea is to continue to work in the land in Purgatory, the imagery is imbued with narrative possibility and that imagery is strongly informed by my psychological response to the ‘space’.

I have collected the majority of whatever is left of my father’s possessions – in my project description I wrote “all that is left of him’, which Sharon thought of as a possible project title. I still think “Purgatory” is a strong project title, but will allow this suggestion to rest a while and see how I feel about later. I will photograph these artifacts and then couple them with the Purgatory landscapes. I have some ideas about presentations, I know an archivist from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford as one option is to present them as historical/archeological artifacts.

I have long liked the connection of text and image and will research texts I plan to weave a layer of text about love, for this is what I think the absence is mostly about, into the work. I have long wanted to do a work about love and well this may be it. These texts will come from different sources, some from classical literature, some from modern fiction, some, perhaps from tattoos. I have also asked my sons to contemplate fatherhood and provide me with a reflection of what they thought fatherhood was before they became fathers and then after they became fathers (of boys incidentally).

The presentation is almost certainly a book, I plan to work with a bookbinder I know to make a handmade book that will feature the landscapes with strategies to couple (or triple) these with the artifacts and text. I can see how this work might well work in a gallery setting, maybe even a video as sound could add another layer of narrative that I feel might enhance the piece.

I feel very sure that this direction, which has taken some time to formulate is the right way to go. I appreciate that things may veer from what I have in mind for the work, but I firmly believe that this is how the work will best accomplish what I have wanted to include in my BoW.


9 thoughts on “Project defined

    • Thanks Carol, you’ll be able to contextualise it all for me after you’ve completed UVC. Good luck with it, I’m sure you will do well with it.

  1. Some journeying to do but the stars are read and course is plotted … [somehow, it doesn’t feel like you’ll be using a SatNav ;-)]. Good luck, John, looking forward to following it all.

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