More data

I only really had one opportunity this week to go to Purgatory, and of all the photographs I had planned, this one, which was not thought about at all, is one which I think is most interesting.


The these with a portrait I made yesterday. Pinned to the wall, the breeze helped I think.

I wanted to place the film strip in the frame as well, but the when the wind took it, it seemed to reveal too much.




This appeals, though I sense it shouldn’t.


And then these:


fallen treec2





10 thoughts on “More data

  1. The film strip looks like a barrier somehow – stops me getting to the texture of the tree. I know the monochrome appeals to you and am wondering what would happen if you inverted it.

    • I think it needs a slight crop; my practice thus far is to print full frame as I saw it in the viewfinder which is a trifle limiting if one is viewing the image as an entity. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. The monochrome works for me as to me the image hangs together better. I also like the second from last image where the fence is protecting the flowers from whatever lies beyond.

    • Yes, I liked the mono conversion. Before he died he destroyed all the negatives in the house, including all the ones he developed himself. No one knows why he did it, and the mono was a way of tr acing back to that time – along with the silhouette image. Thanks Carol.

  3. It’s the very last image that resonates most with me, John. An indecipherable, impenetrable tangle; some tempting wild flowers, some dangerous nettles, some intriguing shapes, a rewarding challenge, maybe; or should I just walk on by? Hmmm!

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