And so to imagery – updated

And so finally he makes an appearance. I scanned a number of negatives that I took soon before his death, some siblings wanted a memento of him, a memento mori.

I wondered about the image above, that it lacked a definitive sense of image and then added the margin below:

I plan to take him to Purgatory and photograph him in situ, to see what he looks like photographed (apologies to Winogrand).



15 thoughts on “And so to imagery – updated

    • Really like this idea. I can envisage a series of huge portraits in which the features are progressively revealed. A metaphor for your progressive exploration of your past relationship perhaps.

      Saw some work by Aida Silvestri who used the approach of blurring the features in a series of portraits of illegal immigrants opening up metaphoric meanings.

      • You do like your portraits large don’t you Keith! I suppose this whole project has been about revelation – a tad more now included. Really like the Silvestri work, thanks for that.

  1. I am intrigued by how the first and fourth images have completely changed dynamic from each other with the addition of the eye; moving from saint to terrorist (if you find the latter offensive, I apologise and please feel free to delete this comment; it was just my first thought when I saw the image)

  2. I find the first and the last the most open to interpretation. The white versions almost feel like an absence which is interesting too. The last is also like a jigsaw and the second from last feels a bit menacing! Following with interest!

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