There were a couple of images that I made on that long hot walk from Purgatory that have been playing on my mind. I’m not sure why, but here they are. And by placing them here I will continue to think about them in a way that I wouldn’t if they were stuck in the ‘edit’ file I made after the walk.


They remind me of a lot of work I did in Documentary – the trace of light – interesting for what they reveal and illuminate. I suppose I was drawn by the light but also the ‘marks’ left by the light and in the ‘physicalness’ of the pathway, the tracks that lead to Purgatory.


One thought on “Unforgotten

  1. The images strike me as being much more open than the pure landscapes given their abstract qualities. Also the shadows in my mind serve as metaphors for past events….Horace’s notion of ‘We are Shadows’ or in Latin ‘Umbra Sumus’.

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