New exhibition

ridge snow 2c2

I’m really pleased that the Purgatory work will be exhibited in the South Street Gallery – part of the Churchill Hospital – in August. It is a really lovely space situated in a wide corridor and having no chairs and a lot of flat light from a vaulted glass ceiling. An altogether better place for viewing prints than the NOC, grateful as I was for the opportunity.

The big difference will be that it is a ‘selling’ show and I have to decide what price to put on the works. I will have a price – list and another sheet of A4 (under perspex) to describe the work. The space could easily host thirty or so 20 X 16 inch frames and the Purgatory set might make a dozen or so at this stage. I have asked how much space they want me to occupy as I could put some more work up.


12 thoughts on “New exhibition

      • Good, I have sold a number of prints which was lovely although I must say they are all people I know. And I’ve had some further inquiries too which has been exciting. Very supportive community! I spoke to an art dealer the other night in the pub who said that is the way to go for now – you want everyone in Wandsworth to have one of your images… he was funny! I am going to display some of my iPhone images in another local restaurant although we won’t have an opening – but a friend has said I must. We’ll see – perhaps. If you have on let me know. 🙂

        Don’t know where this comment went – but I retrieved it from somewhere else!

        I was going to say that it is fundamental to get the work out there. As for a Private View (PV) i’m not sure – can be expensive. But if I do I’ll send you an invite..

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