Aha news and an opportunity


This cover contains both my photography and some art I made in the project at the ‘Echoes’ group, earlier this year, and the work below is also something I’m proud of:



Yesterday I received an email invitation to exhibit at either the JR (John Radcliffe) Hospital and/or the Churchill Hospital. Both have professional hanging systems and encourage artists to sell their work from the wall. I will participate if I can this year – August – for the normal period of a month. It won’t be anywhere near as much work as the Nuffield show.

These successes have come about by the work I have done with Artscape, notably the ‘Echoes’ ground prove the benefit of networking – though I don’t think I am very proficient at it – and in doing so it has brought me into contact with artists across different disciplines, though all in visual arts. The only slight reservation I have is that, other than Artworks, the work is going on the walls in hospitals – albeit purpose designed art spaces. I’m not going to look at the teeth of a gift horse though.


8 thoughts on “Aha news and an opportunity

  1. Congratulations John. All kinds of people visit hospitals, not just art connoisseurs so you’ll be showing to a wide audience. It only takes one person to like a photograph and then recommend your work – onward and onward.
    What do you mean you’re not very proficient at networking – you’re an expert!

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