There seems to be a lot of exhibitions at the moment, but it was good to attend a Private Viewing at the Warneford yesterday. The Echoes Group, to which I am a volunteer, was commissioned to generate some artwork for the new headquarters of the organisation that manages the charitable funds. The facility is not open to the public and therefore the notion of a ‘Private Viewing’ was almost a non-sequiter, however the users, carers, staff and volunteers who work for the Echoes Group were pleased to see their work on the walls.

The images above was chosen by the Chief Executive for his office wall. The original photograph was one I made of an underpass in Oxford City centre, but the final image came from one of the users. A significant part of the Board were there to pay thanks to the group and I felt quite proud of the work the group had done. We had tea and cake, rather than champagne and petits fours and whilst the Echoes Group continues to struggle to maintain its head above water, from a financial perspective, those that minister the funds were very encouraging.

Divinity roadc2

I am attending another PV tomorrow and have two exhibitions coming up – the L3 student show ‘Memories’ and then Artweeks both of which are hung in the first two days of May.


3 thoughts on “Exhibitions

  1. I do hope that the encouraging comment on funding will come to fruition, It’s important work that the group is doing. I learned as well that there’s a similar kind of group running in Woking.

    • The layering in this work was wonderful, so many narratives from the people there in an area that is succumbing to encroachment from the business end of the University to the the tenuous grasp it has to continue.
      Will you be investigating the Woking group?

      • I don’t think so at the moment. It’s just good to know that the initiative is there.
        Looking forward to your feedback on the Exhibition tonight as well.

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