Old news, just in

I have been waiting for a local historian to provide some background to Purgatory and it has arrived. Not a lot, and some that I knew already, apparently she is doing more research but she cannot give a date as the information seems pretty scarce, so she thought she would send what she has and then carry on.

The most interesting news is that there are two sites ‘First’ Purgatory and Purgatory. Both sites have been ‘unsettled’ and whilst Purgatory refers to the farm, ‘First’ appears to be a reference to the first place encountered whilst on the walk from the village along the old lane. There is another perhaps even more enigmatic reference to a place called ‘Paradise’ – though no-one appears sure where that was, other than between ‘First’ and the farm.

These images were a set I made several years ago during a cold winter’s day when I only got as far as what I now know as ‘first’ Purgatory.

Cold, dank and difficult


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