Fog and Frost in Purgatory

The fog and frost of yesterday morning yielded yet more photographs that I have printed, perhaps another 50 or so to add to the nearly 100 from my previous two trips to Purgatory. It may well be an aesthetic gimmick, but the work from yesterday seems to express a lot of what I now feel is likely to be my narrative subtext, perhaps surtext for the project. I’ll rest on that declaration for a while, perhaps until I have spoken to Sharon.

As I have suggested previously it isn’t the place of Purgatory that I feel I will narrate, rather the space. I currently don’t feel equipped to negotiate the terms of the project, that conversation with my tutor will perhaps help navigate to that point – or at least chart a course – but the collection of  narrative elements, and maybe especially these from yesterday are helping to confirm how things may shape up.

I am purposefully mixing colour and monochrome (black and white) and the reason for doing so is to keep options open. I have also printed some images that I have found aesthetically pleasing on A3+ paper to what they look like as photographs/as prints – I am also increasingly concerned about the screen providing an other perspective. The only criteria for the larger scale prints is that I ‘like’ the look of them; however I am finding that looking at these larger prints help to reinforce some of my thoughts about what this project is all about.

Something that Sharon suggested in her assignment report was for me to discuss more of what the images meant to me and “…the danger of not doing so is that they become an illustration of your thought / essay ponderings …….. we should delve beyond the theoretical and technical considerations..”.  I think this is an entirely fair summation of where I am, and whilst I appear to be reluctant to discuss what these images contain, I am not yet in a place where I can freely discuss what they mean to me. To be clear, these images are all pregnant, to a greater or lesser extent, with personal narrative, but of course the context is still within me and I need to find a way to release that. Some of these these images have become stronger with the post processing and printing, some though have just become prettier.

I am seeking help to find a way forward…


7 thoughts on “Fog and Frost in Purgatory

      • I thought by pretty you meant the last one! You know how I feel about trees – not that I suffer from denrophilia. I still keep thinking of the story I read where one of the main characters ended up turning into a tree which was growing in water. I’m sure it was a J.G. Ballard one.

    • I also ‘like’ the horizon images, I am undecided about the treatment – mono or otherwise – I think it will depend on the narrative choice I make.
      As for Purgatory, there are a few local theories – indeed there was a Purgatory Farm not far from this site, but I am working with a local historian for, hopefully, the most accurate reason. However I don’t think that will change what the work will be about.

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