Dwellings in isloation

Martina Lindqvist is being exhibited at TPG currently. I found the ‘Neighbours’ series quite inspirational as I’m currently considering the ‘Purgatory’ project. Lindqvist re-imagines the single settlements in a landscape that emphasises their sense of isolation, using digital editing she freely develops the image to remove and enhance these dwellings from any sense of neighbourliness. The skies are all entirely blank grey and similar to other images, a single tone developing a sense of a foreboding oppression despite the almost ‘twee’ prettiness of the ramshackle and derelict buildings in a landscape that is still and empty. The prints are available in a range of sizes which is perhaps why there were differences in the hung prints which I did ind a little confusing but overall I was glad I made the trip on a visit ‘up-West’.

Purgatory lies in a land that is also wrought by nature, several references to it suggest that it’s physical challenges were uppermost when the choice was made to vacate the buildings. It is difficult to get to in fine weather, but at times of inclement weather it must be an act of determination. Lindqvist’s work dwells on the solitary stance of the edifice’s emphasising by the use of the titular expression, the ‘un’-neighbourliness of sub-arctic life. I am aware that ‘Purgatory’ also has a set of possible meanings and comprehensions that I hope will assist me in this project. I was also interested in the fictive nature of Lindqvist’s work, how she freely adapted what she found into her own contextual frame of reference, to support her narrative flow, and from this distance calmly offering that fiction as an evidence, as a story, as a truth.


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