More imagery


I have started to collect archive images from people kind enough to allow me access to their albums, carrier bags and old boxes. I have a lot to go through and selecting which ones to include is surprisingly difficult. These images, from one source I have chosen here because I find them poetically beautiful and seem to fit to my narrative sense. I don’t plan to go any further with their value in the narratives I am contemplating right now, but include them to elevate them somehow to see how much they develop in my mind.





2 thoughts on “More imagery

  1. These images do have a certain Beauty about them. They also have a contemporary look – Instagram filters can produce this kind of look. Using found images introduces more layers. Other people’s stories reframed.

    • I don’t have much experience with Instagram, I played for a short while a couple of years ago. What I really like about these photographs is how time has been layered into them, they would have looked different when they were first made and that layer is what brings that extra nuance to the narrative. The fact that they have a poetic beauty about them makes them that much more alluring to the project.

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