Not Sting

Not Sting

For some time now I have been unsure about how to move forward on this course, I have played with the some ideas with fiction and probably tested the patience of my tutor (my tutor for CS must be thinking I have left the planet!). However several things have conspired to bring me to a place from which I have a certain sense of release.

I have wanted to work in fiction for some time, I have felt that my contribution to whatever world I might hope to inhabit as I develop as an artist will not be with grand statements, righting wrongs; paraphrasing Bob – I did that when I was older, I’m younger than that now. As I’ve said elsewhere I want to write short fictions of love and love and loss, tiny narratives that impact us all. Stories that will inevitably tell a great deal about the author, narrating a course through life.

I’m thinking of writing fictions constructed from sentences and snatches of overheard conversations which I will form into new lives from my own perspective and in a visual language so far under developed. The research I have done so far on Marks and Traces I hope will continue to inform the project, those emotive and emotional signs left intentionally and unintentionally by persons unknown and becoming real perhaps for a time in a new story. Elina Brotherus expressed how she used reflection to gauge where she was in her life, a continual process of evaluation and re-evaluation and I see this project as my attempt to reorder my own perspectives on my own life. The fictions expressing, from whatever well I have to draw from, my own feelings about love and loss; being mediated through the medium of fabricated narratives.

The image above is one I sold quite unexpectedly a couple of days ago. I was giving a talk to some photographers about my ‘pretty pictures’ and this image took the fancy of one of the audience. “I think it looks just like Sting” she informed me when I asked her the reason for buying it. I wondered about why she would do that, a fellow student Stephanie D’Hubert, without seeing the work suggested “because who the person in the portrait really matters less than what we see in him”. I thought about that remark and it seems to me to concur with my underlying thoughts about fiction. The lady has a personal connection to Sting perhaps and this image brings her closer to it, I could make up more but it is her story and not mine anymore.

I am aware of the size of the project in front of me. I am aware that I have a huge amount of work to undertake to develop a visual language that can be translated, much as Brotherus’ strategy of sticky notes provided her with a entry into a foreign place, I will have to develop a strategy to test my visual syntax. I’m not sure I have ever realized the size of the task ahead of me like this before. My career changes and directions have been more straightforward, certainly containing a good deal of risk and, thankfully, good fortune, but this self directed challenge is both daunting and exciting in equal measure.


7 thoughts on “Stories

  1. I think you will find there are lots of twists and turns along the way…..just keep trying things out and at some point it will come together. I think in any case that you have a clear idea about what you want to do which you summarise neatly in the observation ‘I want to write short fictions of love and love and loss, tiny narratives that impact us all. Stories that will inevitably tell a great deal about the author, narrating a course through life’.

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