A moment

My last post – here – had me questioning the work that I was doing. I struggled with the nature of direction of it; though the work itself – Marks & Traces – will provide a very valuable visual resource from a textual/semantic/narrative perspective, but a fellow student Keith Greenough in one of his recent communications with me provided a link to a work that I have found to be truly inspirational and directly connected to what I want to do in BoW.

A couple of nights ago I woke in the middle of the night, the bedside clock said 1:29 and the idea for a story had come to me – in fact it’s working title was 1:29 – mostly these ideas are forgotten by the morning unless I write them down, but this time the narrative was so strong that I held it until daybreak and jotted some brief notes down. It is a short story about love and the link that Keith provided was to a body of work by the artist Johanna Ward and in particular to a work called – I shall say goodbye with my strengthening love for you, forever and ever and it rang bells for me. I found the work in the video extremely moving and it seemed to personify almost exactly – in tone and delivery – the sort of work that I knew I wanted to do after ‘Documentary’. I had discussed my desire to write short stories about love and fidelity to both of my current L3 tutors and hadn’t really known where to start.

Before I came to the decision to retreat as per my last post, I had decided to look again at that last work in Documentary, but what this doesn’t show is the end work which is a short concertina book form, and it was that that I looked at, the physical existence of the work and not the virtual – in fact for assessment I packaged it up as a present. Johanna’s video of her books seemed to echo so many areas of what I would have wanted my work to have said, and did it in with an eloquence I have yet to approach. But I am very excited about this moment, this seems to have given me permission to find, research, develop a means to translate this type of written narrative here:


into a visual form. I want to be able to ‘un-restrict’ the linear flow of textual narrative and allow the viewer to insert their own experience into the flow, allowing their own experience to develop and maybe conclude the short story. I feel that by interrupting the linear left to right structure it will disrupt the easy flow, allowing greater possibilities of ‘Openness” to be possible.

I have a lot of ideas that I need to settle on, work out and notate somewhere. I think I may have left the berth for the journey.


2 thoughts on “A moment

  1. I was transfixed by Johanna Ward’s work as well – it made the Brighton visit more than worth it for me. I’m pleased that you’ve made a connection with it for your own work. The interesting aspect as well is that the images don’t necessarily match each other on the pages – it’s the words that create a linkage.
    Great as well to see your story out here in public.

    • Thanks Catherine, I am thinking of a narrative workshop or some kind of tutorial to help it all move along. I found a very direct link with the underpinning of the story – what I was getting at – and her work, though at a much lower level I think.

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