Thinking about the work

Yesterday I spent the best part of fourteen hours scanning and working on some negatives that I had developed the previous day. I had found two rolls of film. One being an unexposed roll of Delta 3200 expiry date June 2006 and a roll of exposed Neopan 1600. I did the decent thing and exposed the Delta on some work I have been thinking about for some time and then developed them the night before last.

I knew what was on the 120 roll, the presence of the image still there in my mind and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the film still had some energy left in it. I am awaiting some developer for the other film I exposed at the same time and will continue that work about landscape when I can.

However I had no idea what was on the Fuji 35mm. Some 36 images, which happens to coincide with the suggestion for Assignment One: “…take 30 photographs, or one roll of film….. don’t spend too much time considering what you’ll do…” Well it’s quite clear that as a student thinking about it is exactly what we’ll do! But what if that work had already been done? What if the wandering had been undertaken and the work then was to comprehend the images made?

I thought about this when I started to scan and work the images, and I was shocked, surprised and quite curious with the imagery.

Dark images, disparate images telling a tale. I’ll think about what it means, if anything later.


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