More rambling

All photographs were made on the same day

These first three images I made describe a certain sense that I think I may end up working/exploring, we shall see… Then came

Above is the only image I cropped in post processing, to try and emphasise what it was that I felt when I made the image. The rest of this one day series is another attempt to wander and make photographs; separated only by a short time they are split into two distinct sets, I am wondering how connected they are to each other…..

And then these which I took minutes either slightly before the above or just after.



4 thoughts on “More rambling

  1. Well, this is what happens with ‘open’ work I guess. I made my own sense of it. In fact I could make even more sense of it for me, if you were interested, in terms of how I put everything together, but, then, I’m always looking for directness of meaning, distilling the essence of something. Maybe it’s my particular Northern upbringing.

    • Of course I am interested! Ha Ha! I didn’t mean these to purely ‘Open’ but I suppose looking back on them I can how with my previous work you might have thought so; and of course the way that they are seen with the ‘sea pictures’ last in the series and lingering longer….. Thanks again.

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