Where to start…?

“You face the daunting task of producing what may be your first major body of photographic work and there’s a danger you could become paralysed by the misconception that you have to have a great idea before you start. You may feel that your ideas have ‘all been done’, or aren’t good enough to start a major project, but you know you have to start somewhere. At the other extreme are those photographers who have hundreds of good ideas which never come to much because they lack the discipline and perseverance to make the ‘great ideas’ into great artworks.”

Well these words from the course introduction certainly describe how I feel at the moment. Should I aim low and hope to score high or lift my sights safe in the knowledge that I will fail to hit the target? I think the latter; better to have tried and failed then never to have tried at all. I have a few ideas circulating and will ponder over the next few weeks during which time I shall expose some film and make some images.


New blog for a new course

An opening post establishing a blog for the Body of Work Level Three course